QwikCash Patent

We received the QwikCash Patent May 6, 2014, US Patent Number: 8,714,445 B1.
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We have been waiting for the public technology infrastructure to mature for the right time to deploy. With the rollout of ATMs that are able to read QR Codes and the proliferation of QR Code scanners at Merchant sites, that time is now!

Our Patent covers the use of QR Codes for funds transfer, merchant payments anywhere that a Debit/Credit Card, Gift Card or other payment medium is used, QwikCash QR Codes can quickly and easily replace these methods with a faster and more secure payment platform.

Another benefit of the QwikCash Patent is that it allows a licensee to create a private payment network where you get to control the fee structure and the “rules of the road”.

The QwikCash Platform can also be easily integrated into existing payment networks.

QR Codes are already being used in other countries in Europe, Africa and China. We are looking for partners to work with us under our US QwikCash QR Code Patent to roll it out here in the United States. Contact QwikCash by clicking here