How It Works

To join the QwikCash Network, new customers create an account using the QwikCash website or mobile phone App. As part of the security, the system meets all of the know your customer rules for identity proofing.

Once the account has been activated you may now use your Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card or QwikCash Smartphone App to transfer money into your QwikCash Account. You are now ready to start using the system!

The money in the QwikCash Account may then be used for making payments or money transfer.

To make a payment or transfer money, you use the Smartphone QwikCash App or QwikCash website to create a QwikCash QR Code that has the amount of money that you wish to use.

The QR Code may be used for money transfer by sending the QR Code by email or text to another party that has a QwikCash Account, used at a QwikCash enabled Merchant for purchasing goods or at a participating Bank’s ATM machine to withdraw or deposit money.