Welcome to QwikCash - a new way to make payments and transfer money

QwikCash is a new and patented technology allowing the use of QR Codes to make payments and transfer money simply, fast and secure. A QwikCash QR Code can be used instead of cash or credit/debit cards. QwikCash can be used to send money to friends and relatives or can be used to make merchant payments. We combine the use of QwikCash QR Codes and our secure and fast payment network that can be easily integrated into existing Bank payment networks or create your own private payment networks. Enrollment i n the QwikCash payment network is fast and secure and will meet all the know your customer rules. Payments and transfers within the QwikCash network may have lower network charges while simplifying how payments are made.

Using QR Codes allows customers to easily make payments or transfer money. The QR Code replaces the need for a Credit or Debit Card and may be used instead of Cash or Gift Cards. QwikCash QR Codes are seamlessly integrated with mobile platform use and can be displayed on your smartphone and read by a QwikCash QR Code reader at a merchant or QR Code reader enabled ATM or simply by a QwikCash App on someone else's Smartphone.

Joining the QwikCash payment network is simple and secure. Using remote identity verification procedures, you simply use your Smartphone to take a "selfie" and a picture of a government issued Id for of identification such as a drivers license or US Passport. Depositing funds for use in the network may be made directly from your Bank Account or a Credit/Debit Card or a QwikCash transfer from another person's QwikCash Account.

Once funds have been deposited, you may use the QwikCash App on your Smartphone or the QwikCash network website for transfer money or for making payments.

For more information Click Here to see How QwikCash works.

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